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GCN Circular 30924

GRB 210928A: MeerKAT detection
2021-10-06T15:55:18Z (3 years ago)
Lauren Rhodes at Oxford <>
L. Rhodes (Oxford/MPIfR), A. van der Horst, S. Chastain (GWU), R. Fender (Oxford/UCT) and E. Tremou (CEA-Saclay) on behalf of the ThunderKAT collaboration.

We observed Fermi J1623-1752 (Atel #14948) as part of the ThunderKAT X-ray binary monitoring program prior to it being reclassified as GRB 210928A. The observation was made as 1.3GHz on 30th September 2021 at 17:07:48UT. The 15-minute observation revealed a point source at the XRT position of GRB 210928A with a peak flux density of 215 +/- 6uJy. The noise in the field is 16uJy.

We thank the staff at the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory for scheduling these observations.
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