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GCN Circular 3097

GRB 050315: Swift XRT Position
2005-03-16T01:06:00Z (19 years ago)
David Burrows at PSU/Swift <>
D. C. Morris, D. N. Burrows, J. E. Hill, J. A. Kennea, J. A. Nousek (PSU), 
C. Pagani,  G. Chincarini  (INAF-OAB), A. F. Abbey, P. T. O'Brien (U. 
Leicester), G. Cusumano, T. Mineo (INAF-IASF/Palermo), M. Capalbi (ASDC), 
A. Parsons, S. Holland, N. White, N. Gehrels (GSFC), K. Mason (MSSL), and 
K. Hurley (UCB) report on behalf of the Swift XRT team:

The Swift BAT instrument detected GRB 050315 at 20:59:42 UT on 15 March 
2005 (Parsons et al 2005, GCN 3094).  The observatory executed an automated 
slew to the BAT position and the XRT began taking data at 21:01:05.5 
UT.  The XRT was in Manual state and made observations in Photon Counting 
mode.  Data were dumped to the ground at about 00:00 UT on 16 March 2005 
and a preliminary analysis was performed by the XRT team.  We find a bright 
uncataloged, rapidly fading X-ray source located at:

RA(J2000) = 20:25:54,
Dec(J2000) = -42:36:0.2

We estimate an uncertainty of about 6 arcseconds.   This source is 32 
arcseconds from the BAT position reported in GCN 3094.
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