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GCN Circular 31145

GRB 211106A: Chandra Observations
2021-11-29T19:30:50Z (2 years ago)
Edo Berger at Harvard <>
E. Berger (Harvard), A. Rouco Escorial, and W. Fong (Northwestern) report
on behalf of a larger collaboration:

"We observed the location of the short GRB 211106A (GCNC #31049) with the
Chandra X-ray Observatory + ACIS-S starting on 2021 November 16.58 UT
(10.38 days post-burst) for 19.8 ksec as part of program 22500107 (PI:
Berger).  Within the XRT error circle (GCNC #31068) we detect a single
X-ray source at (J2000):

        RA = 22:54:20.51

        Dec = -53:13:51.2

with a preliminary uncertainty of about 0.8 arcsec.  This source is located
3.1" from the center of galaxy #1 at z=0.097 identified in earlier VLT
observations (GCNC #31070 and #31075).  The angular offset corresponds to a
projected physical offset of 5.6 kpc at the redshift of the galaxy.  The
flux of the X-ray source indicates continued fading with a power law index
of about -1.

We thank the CXO staff for rapidly scheduling these observations."
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