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GCN Circular 31364

GRB 220101A: GMG observation
2022-01-02T03:43:02Z (2 years ago)
Jirong Mao at Yunnan Obs <>
J. Mao, B.-L. Lun, and J.-M. Bai (YNAO) report:

We observed the field of GRB 220101A (Tohuvavohu et al. GCN 31347) with the 2.4-meter optical

telescope at Gao-Mei-Gu (GMG) station of Yunnan Observatories. The observation began at

UT 12:31:35, 1, Jan. 2022, about 7.3 hours after the trigger. We clearly detected the afterglow.

The preliminary magnitude was measured to be R~19.0. The weather turned to be cloudy, and it

prevented us from further observations.

We appreciate all the astronomers working during the holidays. Happy new year!
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