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GCN Circular 31647

ZTF22aaajecp/AT2022cmc: DECam Photometry
2022-02-25T09:00:22Z (2 years ago)
Jielai Zhang at Swinburne U. of Tech. <>
ZTF22aaajecp/AT2022cmc: DECam Photometry

James Freeburn (Swinburne, OzGrav), Jielai Zhang (Swinburne, OzGrav), Igor
Andreoni (University of Maryland, NASA GFSC), Armin Rest (STScI, Johns
Hopkins), Dougal Dobie, Anais M��ller, Simon Goode, Jeff Cooke (Swinburne,
OzGrav), Katie Auchettl (University of Melbourne, OzGrav), Frank Valdes
(NOAO), Charlie Kilpatrick (Northwestern University), David Jones (UCSC),
Tim Abbott (NOAO), Bruce Gendre (University of Western Australia, OzGrav),
Amy Lien (University of Tampa), Lee Spitler (Macquarie University)

As part of the Kilonova and Transients Program (KNTraP, NOIRLab Proposal ID
2022A-679480, PI: Zhang) observing run, we conducted follow-up observations
of ZTF22aaajecp/AT2022cmc (I. Andreoni et al. GCNC #31590) with the Dark
Energy Camera (DECam) on the CTIO 4m Victor Blanco Telescope between
February 15 and 22,
approximately 3-10 days after the initial ZTF detection.  We took nightly
observations each with a combination of g, r, i and z
band exposures.  We present preliminary photometry (calibrated with the
Pan-STARRS photometric catalogs using Gaia star selection) from these

We would also like to acknowledge the CTIO staff, especially Kathy Vivas,
Jacqueline Seron, Alberto Alvarez and Claudio Aguilera, who kept our
observations running smoothly.

g,2022-02-15 08:43:36.768,59625.36362,20.567,0.21
g,2022-02-16 08:59:18.958,59626.37452,>20.88,n/a
g,2022-02-17 08:51:49.783,59627.36933,>20.80,n/a
g,2022-02-18 08:52:29.856,59628.36979,21.296,0.24

r,2022-02-15 08:44:36.384,59625.36431,20.587,0.13
r,2022-02-16 09:00:19.432,59626.37522,21.024,0.34
r,2022-02-17 08:53:48.480,59627.37070,21.522,0.33

i,2022-02-15 08:45:35.136,59625.36499,20.133,0.20
i,2022-02-16 09:01:18.624,59626.37591,21.243,0.28
i,2022-02-17 08:54:47.892,59627.37139,21.364,0.38
i,2022-02-18 08:55:27.840,59628.37185,21.212,0.22
i,2022-02-19 09:03:22.618,59629.37735,21.277,0.19
i,2022-02-20 09:03:44.446,59630.37760,21.630,0.23
i,2022-02-21 08:51:57.024,59631.36941,21.648,0.25
i,2022-02-22 08:51:46.489,59632.36929,21.625,0.27

z,2022-02-16 09:02:18.240,59626.37660,21.094,0.22
z,2022-02-17 08:55:46.848,59627.37207,21.234,0.28
z,2022-02-18 08:58:06.816,59628.37369,21.292,0.23
z,2022-02-19 09:06:22.930,59629.37943,21.354,0.21
z,2022-02-20 09:07:01.470,59630.37988,21.263,0.26
z,2022-02-21 08:55:14.880,59631.37170,21.812,0.36
z,2022-02-22 08:55:05.176,59632.37157,22.183,0.45
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