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GCN Circular 31984

GRB 220501A: GRANDMA/TJML Optical Observations
2022-05-01T22:56:07Z (2 years ago)
Alexander Kann at IAA-CSIC <>
A. Klotz (CNRS-OMP-IRAP), A. de Ugarte Postigo, S. Antier (both 
CNRS-OCA-ARTEMIS), D. Dornic (CPPM), A. Sabahaddin (ShaO),T. Midavaine 
(KNC), V. Rupchandani (AUS), P. A. Duverne (IJCLAB), Y. Rajabov (UBAI), 
X. Song (BJP), X. F. Wang (THU/BJP), J. Zhu (BJP), L. Wang,  X. Zeng, A. 
Iskandar (XAO), and D. A. Kann (IAA-CSIC) report on behalf of the 
GRANDMA collaboration:

We observed the BAT error circle of GRB 220501A (D'Ai et al., GCN 31982; 
Fermi GBM Team, GCN 31983) with the TJML 11" Celestron telescope 
installed at Guitalens observatory. We recorded a stack of 8 x 60 s 
unfiltered images in the range from 28.8 to 38.9 minutes after the 

We did not detect any optical counterpart of GRB 220501A in the BAT 
error circle to a limiting magnitude r(AB) > 16.0 mag. Photometry was 
calibrated against the Pan-STARRS catalog.

GRANDMA is a worldwide telescope network ( 
devoted to the observation of transients in the context of 
multi-messenger astrophysics (Antier et al. 2020 MNRAS 497, 5518). 
Kilonova-Catcher (KNC) is the citizen science program of GRANDMA 
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