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GCN Circular 32041

GRB 220514A: a long GRB detected by INTEGRAL
2022-05-14T14:11:38Z (2 years ago)
Sandro Mereghetti at IASF-Milano/INAF <>
S.Mereghetti (INAF, IASF-Milano), D.Gotz (CEA, Saclay), C.Ferrigno,
E.Bozzo, V.Savchenko (ISDC, Versoix), L.Ducci (IAAT, Germany and ISDC,
Versoix) and J.Borkowski (CAMK, Torun) report:

a gamma-ray burst lasting about 70 s has been detected by IBAS in the
IBIS/ISGRI data at 12:24:25  UT of 2022 May 14.

The refined coordinates (J2000) are:
R.A. =   147.6670 deg
DEC. =   +13.1472 deg
with an uncertainty of  1.5   arcmin (90% c.l.).

Due to telemetry saturation, we can estimate only a lower limit of about
4e-6 erg/cm2 on the 20-200 keV fluence.  The burst was detected also by the
Fermi/GBM instrument (GCN Circ. 32038).

A plot of the light curve will  be posted at
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