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GCN Circular 32094

VLA observations of GW170817 at ~4.8 years after the merger
2022-05-23T10:46:25Z (2 years ago)
Roberto Ricci at INAF-IRA <>
R. Ricci (INRiM/INAF-IRA), B. O' Connor (GWU/UMD), E. Troja (UTV) on
behalf of  a larger collaboration

We report on the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array latest observations
of GW170817 as part of our ongoing X-ray and radio monitoring. The
observations were performed in S-band between May 2nd and May 11th
2022 in eight execution blocks for a total observing time of 16 hours.
The data were calibrated, concatenated and imaged in CASA. A
preliminary analysis of the cleaned map reveals no source at the
target position.
We derive a 3-sigma flux density upper limit of 6 microJy at 3 GHz,
consistent with the behavior observed at X-ray energies (O'Connor et
al., GCN 32065).

Further joint Chandra/VLA observations are planned in 2023.

We thank the VLA staff for executing these observations.
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