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GCN Circular 32143

GRB 220527A: MeerLICHT afterglow observations
2022-05-28T08:11:28Z (2 years ago)
Simon de Wet at UCT <>
S. de Wet (UCT), P.J. Groot (Radboud/UCT/SAAO) and P.M. Vreeswijk (Radboud)
report on behalf of the MeerLICHT consortium:

Following the detection of GRB 220527A by AGILE (Ursi et al., GCN 32129),
Fermi/GBM (Fermi GBM Team, GCN 32130) and Fermi/LAT (Bissaldi et al., GCN
32131), the 0.6m wide-field MeerLICHT telescope, located at Sutherland,
South Africa, obtained 2x600 s exposures in the q-band and a single 300 s
exposure in each of the g and r bands covering the entire Fermi/LAT error
region beginning 17.68 hours after the GRB trigger.

We detect the previously reported afterglow to GRB 220527A (Sbarufatti et
al., GCN 32135; Tohuvavohu, GCN 32136; Imai et al., GCN 32138; Xu et al.,
GCN 32141) at the UVOT position with AB magnitudes:

g = 19.72 +/- 0.04
r = 19.55 +/- 0.06
q = 19.57 +/- 0.02

MeerLICHT is built and run by a consortium consisting of Radboud
University, University of Cape Town, the South African Astronomical
Observatory, the University of Oxford, the University of Manchester and the
University of Amsterdam.
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