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GCN Circular 32228

GRB 220611A: Continued Gemini Infrared Observations
2022-06-19T21:39:00Z (2 years ago)
Brendan O'Connor at UMD <>
B. O'Connor (UMD/GWU), E. Troja (U Tor Vergata/ASU), S. Dichiara (PSU),
S. B. Cenko (UMD/GSFC), report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

Additional target of opportunity observations of GRB 220611A
(Cenko et al. GCN 32191) were carried out with the FLAMINGOS-2
spectrograph mounted on the Gemini-South telescope. Observations
began at ~7.7 d in the Ks filter with a total exposure of 912 s.

We detect the GRB afterglow (O���Connor et al. GCNs 32203 and 32217,
Rastinejad et al. GCN 32208, Malesani et al. GCN 32222) with magnitude
Ks~21.8 AB mag calibrated against stars in the 2MASS catalog. Compared
to earlier Ks data (O���Connor et al. GCN 32203, Rastinejad et al. GCN
32208), the infrared counterpart���s temporal decay is consistent with the
decay observed in X-rays by Swift/XRT.

We thank the Gemini staff for rapid scheduling of these observations.
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