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GCN Circular 32262

GRB 220611A: X-ray afterglow Chandra sub-arcsecond localization
2022-06-24T18:10:44Z (2 years ago)
Daniele B Malesani at Radboud U <>
A. J. Levan (Radboud Univ.), D. B. Malesani (Radboud Univ. and 
DAWN/NBI), B. P. Gompertz (Birmingham) report on behalf of a larger 

The Chandra X-ray observatory imaged the X-ray afterglow of GRB 220611A 
(Cenko et al., GCN 32191). Observations started on 2022 Jun 23.92 UT 
(12.15 days after the GRB), using the ACIS-S instrument, for a total 
exposure time of 15 ks.

We detect a single object consistent with the Swift X-ray position (Goad 
et al., GCN 32192), with a total of ~30 source counts. Its coordinates 
are (J2000):

RA = 04:26:03.57
Dec = -37:15:35.1

with an uncertainty of ~0.5". This position is consistent with the 
optical and near-infrared source reported by Gemini-S (O���Connor et al., 
GCN 32203, 32217; Rastinejad et al., GCN 32208) and VLT (Malesani et 
al., GCN 32222), as well as with the source seen in archival images from 
the Legacy Survey. This detection thus cements the nature of this object 
as the mutli-wavelength afterglow of GRB 220611A.

We thank the Chandra director, Pat Slane, for awarding discretionary 
time to this project, and the observatory staff for rapidly planning and 
scheduling these observations.
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