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GCN Circular 32313

GRB 220701A: LCO Optical Upper Limits
2022-07-02T01:37:45Z (2 years ago)
Robert Strausbaugh at U. of the Virgin Islands <>
R. Strausbaugh (U. of the Virgin Islands), A. Cucchiara (College of Marin) report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

We observed the Swift GRB 220701A (Evans et al., GCN 32306) field with the LCO 1-m Sinistro instrument at the Teide Observatory, on Tenerife, on July 1, from 21:07 to 21:34 UT (corresponding to 16.25 to 16.70 hours from the GRB trigger time) with the SDSS r and i filters.

We performed a series of 3x300s exposures in r and i bands. We do not detect an optical counterpart within the XRT enhanced error region (Evans et al., GCN 32308) in either band, consistent with other non-detections (O'Connor et al., GCN 32309; Oates et al., GCN 32310; Hu et al., GCN 32311). The following upper limits are calculated using the PanSTARRS catalog as reference:


These magnitudes are not corrected for galactic extinction.

R.S. is funded by NSF AST grant #1831682
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