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GCN Circular 3244

GRB 050412: LCO Optical Observations
2005-04-12T13:01:48Z (19 years ago)
Derek Fox at CIT <>
Derek B. Fox (Caltech), S. Bradley Cenko (Caltech), Edo Berger
(Carnegie Observatories), and Nidia Morrell (LCO) report on behalf of
a larger collaboration:

"Examination of our images (GCN 3239) of the GRB 050412 localization
region (GCN 3237) reveals a single optical source proximate to the XRT
position (GCN 3241).  Its coordinates are:

    RA 12:04:25.0, Dec -01:12:04 (J2000)

by reference to USNO B-1.0 catalog astrometry.  Due to saturation of
bright stars in our images and the faintness of the source, we are not
able to perform very accurate photometry at this time; we estimate it
to have R >~ 21.5 mag at 55 minutes after the burst.

If this source is the one referred to by Jensen et al. (GCN 3243), it
is not clear that the source is brighter in our images."
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