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GCN Circular 3249

GRB 050412: Early Optical/Ultraviolet Observations with
2005-04-12T14:41:30Z (19 years ago)
Pete Roming at PSU <>
P. Roming (PSU), V. Mangano (INAF-IASF/Palermo), S. T. Holland (GSFC-USRA), 
W. Landsman (GSFC), P. Schady (PSU & MSSL), D. Hinshaw (GSFC-SPSYS), S. 
Kobayashi (PSU), A. Blustin (MSSL), N. Gehrels (GSFC), K. Mason (MSSL), J. 
Nousek (PSU), and A. Wells (Leicester) on behalf
of the Swift UVOT team report:

The Swift Ultraviolet/Optical Telescope (UVOT) observed the field of GRB 
050412 (Cummings et al., GCN 3237) starting at 05:45:40 UT on 12 April 
2005.  We find no evidence for a source in the 5 arcsecond radius XRT error 
circle (Tamburelli et al., GCN 3241) in the UVOT data.  The 3-sigma 
limiting magnitudes in a 3.5 arcsecond radius circular aperture is V = 19.1 
with a systematic uncertainty of 0.1 mag due to uncertainty in the 
preliminary flight photometric zero point.
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