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GCN Circular 32506

GRB 220831A: Swift/BAT-GUANO localization of a short burst
2022-09-01T01:55:51Z (2 years ago)
Aaron Tohuvavohu at U Toronto <>
Aaron Tohuvavohu (U Toronto), Jamie A. Kennea (PSU), James DeLaunay
(UAlabama), Gayathri Raman (PSU),  report:

Swift/BAT did not successfully trigger on GRB 220831A (T0: 2022-08-31
13:56:33 UTC).

10 seconds of serendipitous event data is available covering the time
of this burst, associated with BAT failed trigger #1122435. This data
was produced due to an unrelated event that occurred close in time to
this burst. There is no long duration GUANO data available for this
burst due to lack of prompt notice from other instruments.

The duration of the burst, as seen by BAT, is ~1 second.

In ground analysis of the available event data, we find the position of
the burst with SNR 15.0 in the image domain.

The BAT position is
RA, Dec = 24.2550 -41.5818, which is:
    RA (J2000)     01h 37m 01.2s
    Dec (J2000)  -41d 34' 54.5"
with an estimated uncertainty of 2 arcminutes.

XRT and UVOT follow-up has been requested. Results of follow-up
observations will be reported in future circulars.
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