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GCN Circular 32757

GRB 221009A: VLA detection
2022-10-14T20:44:52Z (a year ago)
Tanmoy Laskar at U of Bath <>
T. Laskar (Utah), K. D. Alexander (Arizona), E. Ayache (Stockholm), E.
Berger (Harvard), R. Chornock (Berkeley), H. van Eerten (Bath), W. Fong
(Northwestern), R. Margutti (Berkeley), C.G. Mundell (Bath), and P. Schady
(Bath) report:

"We observed GRB 221009A (Dichiara et al. GCN 32632) with the Karl G.
Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) beginning on 2022 October 12 23:08 UTC at
multiple frequencies (3.5 d after the burst). In preliminary analysis, we
detect the radio counterpart (Trushkin et al., ATEL 15671; Bright et al.,
GCN 32653; Farah et al., GCN 32655; Rhodes et al., GCN 32700; Leung et al.,
GCN 32836; Laskar et al., GCN 32740) with a flux density of ~ 9.2 mJy at 11
GHz, and position:

RA (J2000) = 19:13:03.50
Dec (J2000) = 19:46:24.23

with a (statistical) uncertainty of 0.01" in each coordinate. This position
is consistent with the optical position (Dichiara et al., GCN 32632;
Lipunov et al., GCN 32634) and the radio position (Laskar et al., GCN
32740). Further observations are planned.

We thank the VLA staff for scheduling and executing these observations"
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