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GCN Circular 3281

GRB050416B: IR observations
2005-04-17T02:38:02Z (19 years ago)
Silvia Piranomonte at OAR <>
S. Piranomonte, A. Melandri, L.A. Antonelli, S. Covino, F.M. Zerbi,
G. Chincarini, M. Rodono', G. Tosti, P. Conconi, G. Cutispoto, E.
Molinari, L. Nicastro, E. Palazzi, E. Meurs, P. Goldoni, on behalf of
the REM/ROSS Team report:

"The REM telescope at the La Silla Observatory (ESO) is observing the
field of GRB 050416B (BAT Trigger #114797).

Observations started just after the sunset in La Silla on Apr. 17
00:01:17 UT about 1.1hr after the burst.

Preliminary analysis of the first frames reveal no new sources in the
BAT error circle (Hullinger et al., GCN 3279) approximately down to the 2MASS
limit in the J, H and Ks bands.

Observations and further analyses are going on.

This message may be cited."

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