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GCN Circular 32838

GRB 221024A: D50 candidate afterglow
2022-10-25T04:28:46Z (a year ago)
Martin Jelinek at Astro.Inst-AVCR,Ondrejov <>
Jan Strobl, Martin Jelinek, Rene Hudec, Cyril Polasek
Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences (ASU CAS), Ondrejov


With the 0.5m robotic telescope located in Ondrejov, we observed the
position of the Swift rigger 1131029 or GRB 221024A (Brivio et al, 32827),
starting at October 25, 3:18UT, i.e. 14.25h post GRB. In the series of
unfiltered 60s exposures, we detect an uncatalogued source inside the XRT
error box. The preliminary magnitude of this source is ~19.1+-0.1, the
photometry is complicated by the presence of the star nu UMa in the
proximity of the field.
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