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GCN Circular 32878

GRB 221028A: BOOTES-4/MET optical upper limit
2022-10-28T16:03:30Z (2 years ago)
Youdong HU at IAA-CSIC <>
Y.-D. Hu, E. Fernandez-Garcia, I. Perez-Garcia, A. J. Castro-Tirado, M. D. Caballero-Garcia, R. Sanchez-Ramirez (IAA-CSIC), C. Perez del Pulgar, A. Castellon, I. Carrasco (Univ. de Malaga), S. Guziy (Univ. of Nikolaev) and D. R. Xiong, Y. F. Fan, J. M. Bai, C. J. Wang, Y. X. Xin, X. H. Zhao (Yunnan Observatories of CAS) on behalf of a larger collaboration, report:

Following the detection of GRB 221028A by Swift (Lien et al. GCNC 32874), the 0.6m BOOTES-4/MET robotic telescope at Lijiang Astronomical Observatory (China) automatically responded to this burst starting on Oct. 28 at 13:24:22 UT (~8 min after trigger). No new source is detected within the XRT error region (Lien et al. GCNC 32874) in the co-added image (33 x 10 s, clear filter) down to 19.9 mag, which is consistent with the non-detection reported by GIT (Kumar et al., GCNC 32876).

We thank the staff at Lijiang observatory for their excellent support.
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