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GCN Circular 3329

GRB 050502: INTEGRAL results
2005-05-02T10:19:06Z (19 years ago)
Sandro Mereghetti at IASF/CNR <>
D. Gotz and S. Mereghetti (IASF Milano) on behalf of the IBAS Localization 
Team report:

Further analysis of the IBIS/ISGRI data for GRB 050502 (GCN Circ. n. 3323) 
indicates that the peak flux is 1.8 photons (2.E-07 ergs)/cmsq/s (1 s 
integration time) and the fluence is 14.7 photons (1.4E-6 ergs)/cmsq (21 s 
integration time). Both values refer to the 20-200 keV energy range.

A plot of the light curve can be found at:

Note that the data before 02:13:56 UT are missing in the plot because the 
satellite was performing a slew and that the short gap at 02:14:10 UT is 
due to satellite telemetry saturation.

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