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GCN Circular 3342

GRB 050502a: RBO Observations
2005-05-03T15:03:37Z (19 years ago)
Melissa Nysewander at UNC,Chapel Hill <>
D. Allen, J. Silvey and R. Canterna report on behalf of the RBO Team of the
FUN GRB Collaboration:

We observed the position of the afterglow of GRB 050502a (Yost et al., GCN
3322; Gotz et al., GCN 3323) with the Red Buttes Observatory 24-inch
telescope under high humidity and non photometric conditions.

We do not detect the afterglow down to the following values:
UT      Start Time      Filter          Limiting
        Since GRB (hr)                  Magnitude
08:04   5.83            R               19.1
09:08   6.90            R               20.1
09:19   7.08            I               18.3
10:40   8.43            I               19.0

10-sigma limiting magnitudes were derived from the USNO-B1.0 catalogue.
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