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GCN Circular 33437

GRB 230307A: AstroSat LAXPC detection
2023-03-09T13:15:29Z (a year ago)
Tilak Katoch at TIFR <>
Tilak Katoch, H. M. Antia and Parag Shah TIFR, Mumbai, India.

Analysis of AstroSat LAXPC data showed the clear detection of a long GRB 
230307A. The lightcurve shows the multiple burst profile with the peak 
triggered at T0 = 15h 44m 03s UT on 07 Mar 2023. The satellite was in a 
normal operating mode and well before the entry into the SAA region.

The lightcurve has a burst profile with T90 = 36 sec. The strongest peak 
measured have a count rate above the background with 13321 +/- 117 
count/sec in LAXPC10 and 4415 +/- 68 count/sec in LAXPC20 at T0+7 sec.

Both LAXPC instruments (LAXPC10 and LAXPC20) have registered this burst 
profile in the light curve. For LAXPC20, the nominal energy range is 
3-100 keV, but due to the lower gain in LAXPC10 the energy range is 
about 30-400 keV.

The background subtracted lightcurve with 1 sec time-bin is available at 
the website: [1]

LAXPC was built by TIFR in collaboration with the Indian Space Research 
Organisation. The Indian Space Research Organisation funded, managed and 
facilitated the project.

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