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GCN Circular 33451

Trigger 1159327: Swift detection of SGR1806-20
2023-03-10T21:15:35Z (a year ago)
David Palmer at LANL <>
R. Brivio (INAF-OAB), M. Ferro (INAF-OAB), D. M. Palmer (LANL),
T. M. Parsotan (GSFC/UMBC/CRESSTII), C. Salvaggio (INAF-OAB),
T. Sbarrato (INAF-OAB) and B. Sbarufatti (INAF-OAB) report on behalf
of the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory Team:

At 21:00:35 UT, the Swift Burst Alert Telescope (BAT) triggered and
located a bright burst from the Soft Gamma Repeater SGR 1806-20
(trigger=1159327).  Swift did not immediately slew to the source. 
The BAT on-board calculated location is 
RA, Dec 272.154, -20.416 which is 
   RA(J2000) = 18h 08m 37s
   Dec(J2000) = -20d 24' 56"
with an uncertainty of 3 arcmin (radius, 90% containment, including 
systematic uncertainty).  The BAT light curve shows a single spike
structure with a duration of about 0.6 sec.  The peak count rate
was ~170,000 counts/sec (15-350 keV), at ~0 sec after the trigger. 

XRT follow-up observations are planned.
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