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GCN Circular 3348

GRB 050504: A long GRB detected with INTEGRAL
2005-05-04T09:13:04Z (19 years ago)
Sandro Mereghetti at IASF/CNR <>
S. Mereghetti, D. Gotz (IASF, Milano), N. Mowlavi, S. Shaw, M. Beck, M. 
Turler (ISDC, Versoix) and J. Borkowski (CAMK, Torun) on behalf of the 
IBAS Localization Team report:

A long GRB has been detected by IBAS in IBIS/ISGRI data at 08:00:52.5 UT 
on May 4. Its coordinates (J2000) are:

RA:  200.9986 [degrees] 
DEC: +40.6959 [degrees]

with an uncertainty of 1.5 arcmin (90% c.l. radius).

Note that this burst is located at high galactic latitude (b=+75 deg) and 
not affected by Galactic absorption. It is therefore a good target for 
optical follow-up searches.

Analysis of the IBIS/ISGRI data yields a peak flux of 0.5 photons (6E-8
ergs)/cmsq/s (1 s integration time) and a fluence of 14.4 photons (1.5E-6 
ergs)/cmsq (80 s integration time). Both values refer to the 20-200 keV energy 

The burst lasted about 80 s and had a FRED profile. A plot of the light curve 
can be found at:

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