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GCN Circular 33484

IPN triangulation of GRB 230309A
2023-03-17T14:32:30Z (6 months ago)
Anna Ridnaia at Ioffe Institute <>
A.S. Kozyrev, D.V. Golovin, M.L. Litvak, I.G. Mitrofanov, and A.B. Sanin
on behalf of the MGNS/BepiColombo team,

J. Benkhoff on behalf of the BepiColombo team,

A. Ridnaia, D. Frederiks, D. Svinkin, A. Lysenko,
and T. Cline on behalf of the Konus-Wind team,


S. Barthelmy, J. Cummings, H. Krimm, D. Palmer, and A. Tohuvavohu
on behalf of the Swift-BAT team, report:

The bright, long-duration GRB 230309A
(AstroSat CZTI detection: Waratkar et al., GCN Circ. 33464)
was detected by Konus-Wind, Swift (BAT), AstroSat (CZTI),
and BepiColombo (MGNS), at about 45138 s UT (12:32:18).
The burst was outside the coded field of view of the BAT.

We have triangulated it to a preliminary, 3 sigma error box
whose coordinates are:
  RA(2000), deg                 Dec(2000), deg
   88.882 (05h 55m 32s) -62.196 (-62d 11' 45")
   88.454 (05h 53m 49s) -63.663 (-63d 39' 48")
   88.326 (05h 53m 18s) -63.585 (-63d 35' 05")
   89.273 (05h 57m 06s) -60.728 (-60d 43' 40")
   89.391 (05h 57m 34s) -60.806 (-60d 48' 20")
The error box area is 712 sq. arcmin, and its maximum
dimension is 2.9 deg (the minimum one is 4 arcmin).
The Sun distance was about 90 deg.

This localization may be improved.

A triangulation map and HEALPix FITS file are posted at

The Konus-Wind time history and spectrum will be given in a forthcoming
GCN Circular.
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