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GCN Circular 3370

GRB050505: AAVSO observations
2005-05-06T13:31:30Z (19 years ago)
Arne A. Henden at AAVSO <>
D. Hohman (Stone Edge Observatory), A. Henden (AAVSO) and A. Price (AAVSO) 
report on behalf of the AAVSO International High Energy Network on
optical observations of GRB050505 (GCN #3360, Hurkett et al.):

No afterglow candidate is found in the field or at the location of
the afterglow reported by Cenko et al. (GCN 3366) to a limiting
unfiltered (R-like) magnitude of 18.5 using USNO-A2.0 reference
stars. Observation midpoint time was 02:19 UT on May 6, 2005
(2.9hrs after burst). Details of the observation are below along
with a link to the FITS image.  The unfiltered observations have
significant Rc/Ic contribution and so are complementary to the
UVOT observations reported by Rosen, et al. (GCN 3367).

 Name: Dennis Hohman
 Observer: Dennis Hohman
 Site: Stone Edge Observatory
 Location: Orchard park, NY
 LatitudeLongitude: -78.75, 42.76
 Elevation: 950 ft
 Scope: C8
 ScopeFocalRatio: 6.1
 CCDVendor: ST7XME
 CCDDetector: KAF401E
 CCDSize: 382x255
 CCDPixelScale: 3.0
 CCDFOV: 12.9x19.4
 Object: GRB050505
 ObsDate: 05/06/05
 ObsMidPointTime: 02:19
 TimePerFrame: 240 sec
 NumberOfFrames: 7
 Filters: CR
 Processing: Flatfield,Dark sub, avg
 Seeing: 3.8
 LimitingMag: 18.7
 Sky: Clear, some high clouds
 Report: Entire error circle covered. No new object visible to
   estimated mag 18.5

A FITS image has been uploaded to 

The AAVSO thanks the Curry Foundation for their continued support of the 
AAVSO International High Energy Network.
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