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GCN Circular 33784

GRB 230512A: Zwicky Transient Facility Follow-Up of a Fermi Short GRB (Trigger 705565670)
2023-05-12T20:21:39Z (a month ago)
Tomas Ahumada at U. of Maryland <>
Tomas Ahumada (CIT), Harsh Kumar (IITB), Viraj Karambelkar (CIT), Robert Stein (CIT), Theophile du Laz (CIT), Igor Andreoni (UMD), Michael Coughlin (UMN), Mansi Kasliwal (CIT), Simeon Reusch (DESY), Jannis Necker (DESY), Shreya Anand (CIT), report on behalf of the ZTF collaboration: We observed the localization region of the short bright GRB 230512A (trigger 705565670, GCN 33778) detected by the Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor (GBM) on the Fermi satellite with the Palomar 48 inch telescope equipped with the 47 square degree Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF; Bellm et al., 2019; Graham et al., 2019) camera. ZTF covered 597.8 square degrees corresponding to ~86% of the probability enclosed in the localization region (GCN 33778), beginning 2 hours after the burst trigger time. Exposures reached a median depth of 21 mag in the g-band and 20.9 mag in the r-band. Two sources were found within the 95% localization region, although all are outside the 90% credible level. These are likely unrelated as they fall outside the LAT localization circulated on GCN 33780: +--------------+---------+----------+---------+------------+------------+------------+ | id | alias | ra | dec | mjd | mag |filter | |--------------+---------+----------+---------+------------|------------+------------| | ZTF23aajfoed | AT 2023ibn | 295.8501 | 51.5420 | 60076.4041 | 18.89±0.08 | g | | ZTF23aajfilx | AT 2023ibo | 267.5692 | 40.7678 | 60076.3839 | 20.22±0.19 | g | +--------------+---------+----------+---------+------------+------------+------------+ ZTF and GROWTH are worldwide collaborations comprising Caltech, USA; IPAC, USA, WIS, Israel; OKC, Sweden; JSI/UMd, USA; U Washington, USA; DESY, Germany; MOST, Taiwan; UW Milwaukee, USA; LANL USA; Tokyo Tech, Japan; IITB, India; IIA, India; LJMU, UK; TTU, USA; SDSU, USA and USyd, Australia. ZTF acknowledges the generous support of the NSF under AST MSIP Grant No 1440341. GROWTH acknowledges generous support of the NSF under PIRE Grant No 1545949. Alert distribution service provided by DIRAC@UW (Patterson et al. 2019). Alert database searches are done by AMPEL (Nordin et al. 2019) and Kowalski (Duev et al. 2019). GROWTH India telescope is located at the Indian Astronomical Observatory (Hanle), operated by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA). GROWTH-India project is supported by SERB and administered by IUSSTF, under grant number IUSSTF/PIRE Program/GROWTH/2015-16 and IUCAA. -- Tomás Ahumada (he/him) Ph.D. Candidate Department of Astronomy University of Maryland, College Park NASA <> Goddard Space Flight Center, Code 661 B.Sc. Astronomy, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
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