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GCN Circular 3386

GRB 050509b: PAIRITEL and WIYN Observations
2005-05-09T07:21:27Z (19 years ago)
Josh Bloom at Harvard/CFA <>
J. Bloom (UCB), C. Blake (Harvard), J. X. Prochaska (UCSC), J. Hennawi
(UCB), M. Gladders (Carnegie), B. Koester (U Michigan) report:

"We find no new point sources at the XRT position (3380) of the GRB
050509b (3381) in RIJHK (WIYN+PAIRITEL).  Based I and R imaging and JHK
imaging of the XRT position of GRB 050509b, however, there appears (to the
West of the XRT) a bright extended galaxy at ra 12:36:12.90, dec
+28:58:58.8 (J2000) (=2MASS 2MASX J12361286+2858580), with J=15.25,
H=14.46, K=14.09 mag. Although the XRT is ~10 arcsec from this galaxy, at
the photometric redshift of the cluster (z=~0.22), this is only 35 kpc
h_71^{-1} in projection. Thus, we find a plausible association of this
short burst with the outskirts a nearby, potential host galaxy.

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