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GCN Circular 34193

IceCube-230707A: No candidates detected by Swift-XRT
2023-07-10T14:17:35Z (a year ago)
P.A. Evans at U. Leicester <>
P.A. Evans (U. Leicester) and J.A. Kennea (PSU) report,

Swift-XRT carried out 13 observations of the region of IceCube-230707A (Lincetto et al., GCN Circ 34163), from 59 ks to 78 ks after the neutrino trigger; the typical exposure time was 300 s per field.

We detected three uncatalogued X-ray objects, however all of these are classified as “poor” by the source detection algorithm (Evans et al., 2020) and are thus likely spurious. The typical 3-sigma upper limit is 0.05 ct/sec (0.3-10 keV) corresponding to ~2.1 x 10^-12 erg/cm^2/s.

The full results of the automated XRT analysis can be viewed online at:

(Reference: Evans et al., 2020, ApJS, 247, 54)

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