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GCN Circular 34393

GRB 230812B: Preliminary Swift/XRT localization
2023-08-13T04:03:06Z (10 months ago)
Jamie Kennea at Penn State U <>
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J. A. Kennea (PSU) on behalf ot the Swift team,

In a target-of-opportunity observation taken starting 02:00UT on  
August 13th, 2023, pointed at the LAT position (GCN 34392) of 
GRB 230812B (GCN 34391), we find a previously uncatalogued X-ray
point source in preliminary data from Swift’s X-ray Telescope.

The preliminary position is RA/Dec (J2000) = 249.13957, 47.854760,
which is equivalent:

RA(J2000) = 16h 36m, 33.4s,
Dec(J2000) = +47d 51m 17.1s,

with an estimate error of 10 arcseconds radius. Please note this position
is based upon preliminary data, reported rapidly to aide follow-up. An
updated position will be reported via GCN ASAP.
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