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GCN Circular 34473

GRB 230816A: SVOM/C-GFT optical detection
2023-08-18T13:41:54Z (9 months ago)
Chao Wu at NAOC <>
legacy email
Liping Xin (NAOC), Chao Wu (NAOC), Zhe Kang (CHO), Xuhui Han (NAOC),  Huali
Li (NAOC), Xiaomeng Lu (NAOC),  Damien Turpin(CEA),  Zhenwei Li
(CHO),Pinpin Zhang (NAOC),Ruosong Zhang (NAOC),Yulei Qiu (NAOC),You  Lv
(CHO),Jing Wang(GXU), Cordier Bertrand (CEA)  and Jianyan Wei (NAOC) on
behalf of SVOM GRB team

We observed the burst GRB230816A (Siegel et al. GCN Circ. 34450) on
16:15:38 UT, Aug. 16th, 2023, about 6.9 minutes after the Swift trigger
with C-GFT (Chinese Ground Follow-up Telescope in SVOM mission) in System
Test Mode (STM). C-GFT is located at Jilin (long.=126.33 deg,
lat.=43.8243778 deg), Changchun Observatory, National Astronomical
Observatories, CAS. It has FOV of 1.5 deg X 1.5 deg with a 4k*4k CMOS
detector mounted on the primary focus of  1.2-meter-aperure telescope.

A series of g and r band images were obtained. The exposure time was 10
seconds for each frame.

The optical afterglow reported (Jiang et al.,  GCN 34453, Moskvitin et al.,
GCN 34456., Pankov et al.,GCN 34457, Odeh et al., GCN 34458Klose et al.,
GCN 34459., Kumar et al., GCN 34460; Ruocco et al., GCN 34469) was also
clearly detected by our stacked r-band image (100 * 10 seconds).  The
brightness was estimated to be about 20.1 +/-0.2 magnitude in r-band with
the midtime of about 34 min after the burst, after calibration with nearby
 USNO R2 catalogs.

More detailed analysis is continuing.

We thank the observation assistant Bowen Li at Jilin observatory for their
excellent support.

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