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GCN Circular 34561

GRB 230824A: AKO Photometric Follow-up Observations
2023-08-26T07:30:58Z (8 months ago)
Mohammad Odeh at Al Khatim Observatory M44 <>
legacy email
Mohammad Odeh, Osama Ghannam, Anas Mohammad, Khalfan Al-Noaimy, and Sameh
Al-Ashi, report on behalf of Al-Khatim Observatory (AKO) operated by the
International Astronomical Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE:

As a follow-up for the GRB 230824A (Page et al., GCN 34537), also known as
Swift J1727.8-1613 (Dichiara et al., GCN 34542), also known as AT 2023qql
 (Zhang and Gao,, we observed the
target with our 0.36m f/7.7 robotic telescope for the second night on 25
August 2023, and we obtained multiple 180-sec exposures in R filter. The
below table summarizes the results of the two nights:

R.A. (J2000)= 17:27:43.32
Dec. (J2000)= -16:12:19.2
ObsTime (mid), t(mid) – t(0) (hours), Exposure (sec), Filter, Mag
2023-08-24T18:29:24Z, 04.5, 180s, R, 13.5 +/- 0.04
2023-08-25T16:29:44Z, 26.5, 180s, R, 13.0 +/- 0.01

The observations were calculated using the Atlas catalogue as a reference
and are not corrected for galactic extinction.

The object is added to The International Variable Star Index catalogue and
photometric observations can be submitted through AAVSO website.

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Current Photometric Results:

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