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GCN Circular 34597

GRB 230812B: Spectroscopic detection of the associated SN 2023pel.
2023-08-29T22:49:42Z (8 months ago)
J. F. Agui Fernandez at IAA-CSIC <>
J. F. Agui Fernandez (IAA-CSIC), A. de Ugarte Postigo (OCA-CNRS), C. C. Thoene (ASU-CAS), D. B. Malesani (Radboud and DAWN/NBI), L. Izzo (INAF-OACN and DARK/NBI) and A. L. Cabrera Lavers (GTC, IAC) report:

We observed the long GRB 230812B*/*SN 2023pel (Fermi GBM Team GCN, 34386; Roberts et al. GCN34391, Scotton et al. GCN 34392, Zheng & Filippenko GCN 34395, Beardmore et al. GCN 34400) on August 24, 2023 at 21.79 hours UT, ~12.12 days after the GRB detection, with OSIRIS+ in spectroscopy mode at the 10.4m GTC Telescope located at Roque de los Muchachos, Canary Islands, Spain. The spectrum covers the wavelength range from 3700 to 7500 AA. In a preliminary analysis, the spectrum shows the characteristic undulations of a GRB-SN spectrum. Our spectrum is well matched to the spectrum of SN 1998bw at a comparable rest-frame epoch (Patat et al. 2001, ApJ, 555, 900). We can thus conclusive determine the presence of a SN associated with GRB 230812B, confirming previous claims based on photometric evidence (Moskvitin & Spiridonova GCN 34475, Moskvitin & Goranskij GCN 34496, Kumar et al. GCN 34500, Turpin et al. GCN 34508, Kumar et al. GCN 34516, Pankov et al. GCN 34519).

We acknowledge excellent support from the GTC staff.

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