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GCN Circular 34672

GRB 230906A: Chandra detection of the X-ray afterglow
2023-09-11T23:51:20Z (10 months ago)
Brendan O'Connor at CMU <>
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B. O'Connor (CMU), S. Dichiara (PSU), E. Troja (UTV), report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

We carried out a Chandra Target of Opportunity (ToO) observation of the IPN localized short GRB 230906A (Fermi GBM team, GCN 34631; Kozyrev et al., GCN 34637) under program 24500202 (PI: S. Dichiara). We used the ACIS-S camera with a total exposure of 19.8 ks beginning on 2023-09-11 04:58:29 UT, corresponding to ~4.7 days after the initial trigger. 

At the location of the Swift XRT candidate afterglow (Beardmore et al., GCN 34639) uncovered during tiled observations of the IPN localization (Evans et al., GCN 34636), we detect a clear X-ray source at the North-East edge of the XRT localization. The source is located at 

RA, DEC = 05:19:01.52, -47:53:32.66 

with an uncertainty of 0.8" (systematic + statistical). The source shows signs of fading compared to previous XRT observations. We note that there is no obvious host galaxy at this location in the Legacy Survey, although multiple sources exist within a few arcseconds. 

We would like to thank Patrick Slane, Harvey Tananbaum, Dan Schwartz, Jack Steiner, Brad Wargelin, and the entire CXO staff for rapidly approving and planning this observation. 
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