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GCN Circular 34691

Swift Trigger 1191994 is not an astrophysical event
2023-09-14T08:43:14Z (9 months ago)
David Palmer at LANL <>

C. Gronwall (PSU), K. L. Page (U Leicester) and D. M. Palmer (LANL)
report on behalf of the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory Team:

At 08:11:59 UT on 2023-09-14, the Swift Burst Alert Telescope (BAT)
misidentified the location of a strong image peak due to a known
race condition (the '7 minute problem') in the on-board software. 

The image peak was due to the source SWIFT J1727.8-1613, at levels
consistent with other measurements in its current bright outburst
and does not represent a sudden rate increase.  (See
for current source intensity.)

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