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GCN Circular 34709

Swift Triggers 1192234, 1192235 and 1192236 are not astrophysical events
2023-09-16T03:37:33Z (7 months ago)
David Palmer at LANL <>

K. L. Page (U Leicester) and D. M. Palmer (LANL) report on behalf of
the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory Team:

Swift continues to have star tracker loss-of-lock problems, possibly
due to current solar activity.  For the near future, please verify
that the Swift GCN notices do not have the comment 

COMMENTS:        This trigger occured while the StarTracker had lost lock, so it is possibly bogus.  

Also, the loss-of-lock triggers will tend to be reported as having
positions within a few degrees of the actual sources.  BAT currently
sees the following sources, so notices near these locations
should be treated as suspect

ra_deg, dec_deg   name
40.919   61.432   Swift02436      
83.633   22.014   Crab            
170.300 -60.617   Cen_X-3         
186.650 -62.767   GX_301-2        
244.980 -15.640   Sco_X-1         
255.980 -37.844   4U_1700-377     
261.940 -16.212   SWIFTJ1727-1613 
263.000 -33.833   GX_354-0           
299.590  35.202   Cyg_X-1         
308.110  40.958   Cyg_X-3

Further retraction notices will not be published until
the Loss-of-Lock problem is cleared. 

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