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GCN Circular 34743

GRB 230812B : optical observations from MISTRAL at Observatoire de Haute-Provence
2023-09-20T16:25:03Z (8 months ago)
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C. Adami, P. Amram, S. Basa, K. Parra-Ramos (LAM), T. Adami (ENS Paris-Saclay), B. Schneider (MIT), A. Saccardi, S. D. Vergani, (GEPI, Obs. de Paris), S. Antier, A. de Ugarte Postigo (OCA), 
E. Le Floc'h, D. Götz, F. Schüssler, D. Turpin (CEA-Saclay), report, on behalf of a larger collaboration:

We observed the field of GRB 230812B (Fermi GBM Team GCN, 34386 and all subsequent GCNs) using the MISTRAL spectro-imager of Observatoire de Haute Provence (OHP) in imaging mode. We obtained 
during the 2023 09 17 night 1x1200s exposure in the r'-band with a mid-epoch of 19:20 UT, during the 2023 09 18 night 1x600s and 2x900s exposures in the r'-band with a mid-epoch of 21:06 UT, and during the 2023 09 19
night 8x600sec and 1x700sec in the r'-band with a mid epoch of 19:58 UT.

We derive the following photometry, calibrated against the Pan-STARRS catalog, not corrected for the underlying galaxy, and not corrected for Galactic dust reddening:

2023 09 17 19:20 UT r' = 22.36 +/- 0.16
2023 09 18 21:06 UT r' = 22.37 +/- 0.14
2023 09 19 19:58 UT r' = 22.45 +/- 0.10

We acknowledge the excellent support from Jerome Schmitt, Stephane Favard and Jean Balcaen (Observatoire de Haute Provence).
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