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GCN Circular 3491

GRB 050525a: SARA Observations
2005-05-26T23:42:35Z (19 years ago)
Autumn Homewood at Clemson U <>
Autumn Homewood, Dieter H. Hartmann, Kiran Garimella (Clemson Univ.), Gary
Henson (ETSU), Jeremy McLaughlin (Radford Univ.), Adam Brimeyer (Iowa
State Univ.) report:

We observed a 6x6 arcminute field centered on the optical afterglow of GRB
050525a (GCN 3466), identified by ROTSE-IIIc (GCN 3465) with the SARA 0.9
m Telescope at KPNO. Observations were carried out under good seeing
conditions with the AP7 CCD. We obtained 35 300-second exposures each in
the R-band, in 2 seperate groups. Observations of the first group (27
images) started at UT 2005/05/25 04:40:15, and ended 07:08:07.
Observations of the second group (8 images) began at UT 10:51:29, and
ended at 11:33:59. At the beginning of the first observation run we detect
the afterglow at R = 18.9 +/- 0.2 mag, relative to USNO B2.0 R1.

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