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GCN Circular 3497

Possible GRB050528: no candidate from Liverpool Telescope
2005-05-28T06:18:47Z (19 years ago)
Alessandro Monfardini at JMU/Liverpool Robotic Tele <>
A. Monfardini, A. Gomboc, C. Guidorzi, C.G. Mundell, I. A. Steele,
C.J. Mottram, D. Carter, R.J. Smith, M.F. Bode (Liverpool JMU) report:

"The Liverpool Telescope reacted to the SWIFT trigger 130679. The
automatic detection mode resulted in a non-detection. We remind that our
field-of-view is 4.6 arcmin wide.

The earlier, robotic upper limit is R>17.2 at 2.5 minutes after the
possible GRB reported time (limited by observing conditions).

Further observations have been performed, and quick inspection reveals no
obvious candidates. Analysis is in progress.

This message can be cited."
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