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GCN Circular 35014

GRB231111A: MDM 2.4m Hiltner Telescope Observation
2023-11-13T16:57:13Z (5 months ago)
Tianrui Sun at Purple Mountain Obs,CAS <>
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Tian-Rui Sun, Tian-Ci Zheng, Hui-Yang Mao, Jiang-Tao Li report:

Following the detection of GRB 231111A by SWIFT (Melandri et al., GCN 34981; Osborne et al., GCN 34991;GCN 34995), MASTER (Lipunov et al., GCN 34980; GCN 34983), Nanshan/HMT (Jiang et al., GCN 34982), GIT (Kumar et al., GCN 34984), YAHPT (Sun et al., GCN 34985), GECAM (Zhang et al., GCN 34990; GCN 34993), Mondy (Pankov et al., GCN 34994), Terskol Zeiss-2000 (Pankov et al., GCN 34996), Nastro Verde (Dainotti et al., GCN 34997), GMG (Mao et al., GCN 34999; GCN 35001), Mephisto (Sun et al., GCN 35002), Leavitt (Moretti et al., GCN 35003), NUTTelA-TAO (Komesh et al., GCN 35004) and Xinglong-2.16m (Jiang et al., GCN 35012), we conducted observations using the MDM 2.4m Hiltner telescope with the clear filter.

This observation began from 2023-11-12T01:44:16.415, about 11.4 hours after the burst.

The PSF photometry results are shown as :
UT                       exposure  filter mag        magerr
2023-11-12T01:44:16.415  600       Clear 20.7669 +/- 0.0622
2023-11-13T01:35:18.404  600       Clear 22.1815 +/- 0.0697

We used the GAIA-DR3 catalogue (G mag) as the magnitude reference for calibration.

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