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GCN Circular 35084

GRB 231117A: AKO Optical Upper Limit
2023-11-17T16:43:21Z (6 months ago)
Mohammad Odeh at Al Khatim Observatory M44 <>
legacy email
M. Odeh (Al-Khatim Observatory, AKO, operated by the International
Astronomical Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE) and N. Guessoum and D. Akl (American
University of Sharjah, UAE) report:

We observed the field of GRB 231117A, which was detected by Swift/BAT,
AstroSat/CZTI, AGILE, and Konus/Wind (GCN 35071, 35072, 35075, 35079) with
our 0.36m f/7.7 robotic telescope on November 17 starting at: 14:46:29 UT
(corresponding to 11.72 hours from the GRB trigger time) using an (Ic)
filter. We obtained 33x180 second images.

We do not detect a source within the Swift-XRT error region around the
candidate X-ray source (Laha et al., GCN 35071). The following 5-sigma
upper limit is calculated using the ATLAS catalog as a reference:

Ic = 20.2.

We should note, however, that a star of Imag = 21.5 (AB) was barely
detected and is located at the position R.A. (2000) = 22 09 33.34, Dec.
(2000) = +13 31 19.44, that is about 2 arcseconds from the location of GRB
231117A, as per Pan-STARRS (PS1, ID = 124223323889577032).

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