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GCN Circular 35201

GRB 231117A: MeerKAT 1.3GHz detection
2023-11-27T16:10:58Z (7 months ago)
Lauren Rhodes at Oxford <>
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L. Rhodes (Oxford), G. Schroeder (Northwestern), G. Anderson (Curtin), W. Fong (Northwestern), S. Chastain (UNM), A. Gulati (USyd), A. van der Horst(GWU), C. Kilpatrick (Northwestern), N. Klinger (NASA/GSFC), T. Laskar (Utah), J. K. Leung (UofT/HUJI), A. Nugent (Northwestern), J. Rastinejad (Northwestern), S. D. Ryder (Macquarie) on behalf of a larger collaboration.

We observed GRB 231117A (GCN 35071) with the MeerKAT radio telescope at 1.3GHz for a total of 2 hours starting on 26 November 2023 at 12:47 UTC. The observations used J1939-6342 and J2232+1143 as flux and phase calibrators, respectively. Using the SARAO SDP image we find an unresolved source at the position of the afterglow candidate (GCN 35083) with a flux density of ~100uJy/beam. The rms noise in the field is 7uJy/beam. We note that the measured flux density may have a substantial contribution from the host galaxy reported in GCN 35083 but said contribution cannot be quantified until the afterglow has faded. 

We thank the staff at the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory for scheduling these observations.

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