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GCN Circular 352

GRB 990506 - Optical Observations
1999-06-16T16:03:20Z (25 years ago)
Holger Pedersen at Copenhagen U Obs <>
H. Pedersen, J. Hjorth, B. L. Jensen (Copenhagen),  
A. O. Jaunsen (Oslo), and S. Holland (Aarhus) report on behalf 
of a larger collaboration:

"We have re-inspected our optical (R-band) images of GRB 990506 
(GCN #342) obtained on 6.96 May 1999 and 7.91 May 1999 UT. 
We find no convincing evidence for any stellar or extended 
object at the position of the proposed radio transient (GCN #350), 
neither in the sum image, nor in subsets. For the first night, 
we estimate a limiting magnitude of R > 23.5 (for point sources). 
Our images are available upon request."
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