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GCN Circular 35316

GRB 231210B: detection of the optical counterpart with the LCOGT 40cm telescope at Sutherland Observatory
2023-12-11T01:12:12Z (4 months ago)
Ismael Perez-Fournon at Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias <>
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I. Pérez-Fournon, F. Poidevin (IAC and ULL), H. Akoudad-Ekajouan, C. Araujo-Álvarez, C. Arrizabalaga-Díaz-Caneja, F. Barnes-Sánchez, P. Eguiguren-Arrizabalaga, A. Iglesias-López, G.A. Jaimes-Illanes, P. Jiménez-Sánchez, S. Lamolda-Mir, A. Mang-Román, G. Marrero-Ramallo, P.P. Meni-Gallardo, I. Ruiz-Cejudo (ULL), M. Sánchez-Andújar (ULL and IAC), V. Wienzek (ULL), E. Esparza-Borges, and F. Tinaut-Ruano (IAC and ULL)

report observations of GRB 231210B with the LCOGT 40cm telescope at Sutherland Observatory starting on 2023-12-10 22:22:25 UT in the SDSS g', r', and i' filters.

We detect a source in the three filters at the position RA (J2000) = 06h 23m 10.997s,  Dec (J2000) = -48d 22m 19.87s, that is close to the Swift position reported by Page et al. (GCN 35314) and the optical transient reported by Buckley et al. (GCN 35313).

We measure the following magnitudes:

  Date      Time        Filter    Exposure (sec)            Mag      Error
2023-12-10 22:22:25     g          180                       20.72     0.18 
2023-12-10 22:25:34     r          180                       19.69     0.12
2023-12-10 22:28:42     i          180                       19.62     0.26

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