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GCN Circular 3538

GRB050607: refined analysis of prompt REM observations
2005-06-08T12:42:48Z (19 years ago)
Vincenzo Testa at INAF/Astro. Obs. of Rome <>
V. Testa, E. Palazzi, P. D'Avanzo, L.A. Antonelli, E. Molinari, D. Fugazza, 
S. Covino, S. Campana, F.M. Zerbi, G. Chincarini, M. Rodono', G. Tosti, 
P. Conconi, G. Cutispoto, L. Nicastro, F. Vitali, E. Meurs, P. Goldoni, 
on behalf of the REM/ROSS Team

We refined the analysis of the field of GRB050607 observed with the REM 
telescope (GCN 3523) in fully automated mode simultaneously in the near 
infrared and in the optical.  Two R-band 3s exposures and five H-band 10s 
exposures have been re-analyzed to search for new objects at the positions 
reported by Rhoads (GCN 3527) and Pagani et al. (GCN 3528). We confirm 
the non-detection reported in GCN 3523 and derived upper limits at 3 sigma 
level (see the table below). The UT differences between optical and IR 
acquisitions are due to different overheads and observing strategies adopted 
by the two instruments.

Filter  Instrument     UT     t_exp  Time_from_burst  Mag. Upper Limit
R       ROSS        09:14:49    6s          207s              17.1
H       REMIR      09:14:34   50s         192s              16.0

Observations were performed under moderate seeing conditions, the La Silla 
DIMM giving an instantaneous value of 1.5 arcsec, and in photometric 
conditions.  Magnitudes have been calibrated with a set of stars around the 
position of the optical detection (GCN 3527) extracted from the 2MASS catalog 
for the H filter and from the USNO B1.0 catalog for the R filter.

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