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GCN Circular 35498

Update of IceCube-240105A - Corrected errors
2024-01-08T16:26:08Z (a month ago)
Giacomo Sommani at Ruhr-Universität Bochum <>
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The IceCube Collaboration ( reports:

The directional errors of the high-energy track-like event IceCube-240105A reported in GCN circular 35485 were incorrectly reported, as they were not taking into consideration ice systematics. All other information was correct. The corrected refined directional information is:

Date: 2024-01-05
Time: 12:27:42.57 UT
RA:    72.69 (+1.92, -1.85 deg 90% PSF containment) J2000
Dec: +11.42 (+0.50, -0.44 deg 90% PSF containment) J2000

In addition to the previously reported event in the 90% uncertainty region, one additional gamma-ray source listed in the 4FGL Fermi-LAT catalog is also found. The source is 4FGL J0458.0+1152, associated with a Blazar candidate, and located 1.8 deg away from the best-fit position. The source is also listed in the Fermi 3FHL catalog as 3FHL J0458.0+1151. 

We apologize for the error. 

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