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GCN Circular 3550

GRB050525a: HST Observations
2005-06-16T15:43:35Z (19 years ago)
Alicia Soderberg at Caltech <>
A. M. Soderberg (Caltech) reports on behalf of the Caltech-NRAO-Carnegie

"We observed the field of GRB050525a (GCN 3466) with HST+ACS/WFC on 12 Jun
2005 UT (t~18 days) as part of our HST Cycle 13 program to study the
supernovae associated with gamma-ray bursts and X-ray flashes (GO 10135;
PI Kulkarni).  Coincident with the afterglow position (GCN 3468), we
detect a point source superposed on top of a compact galaxy.  Within a 0.5
arcsec aperture, we find the host+OT system to be F625W ~ 24.2 mag (Vega).
Adopting this value as a limit on the brightness of an associated
supernova, we find that the SN associated with GRB050525a is at least ~0.6
magnitudes fainter than SN1998bw at a comparable epoch (assuming
negligible host extinction).  Further observations are planned."
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