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GCN Circular 35559

GRID detection of GRB 231230A
2024-01-18T04:50:00Z (5 months ago)
GRID Student Team at Tsinghua University <>
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Chenyu Wang, Zirui Yang and Longhao Li report on behalf of the GRID Collaboration:

GRID-04 reports the detection of the long-duration GRB 231230A, which was also detected by Swift/BAT and Fermi/GBM(GCN Circular 35434 and 35436).

The event was triggered with GRID on 2023-12-30 at 01:29:08​ UTC. The GRID light curve consists of multiple spikes with a duration (T90) of about 17 +/- 1 s (30-2000 keV).
The time-averaged spectrum from T0+0.4 to T0+17.3 s is best fit by a power law function with an exponential high-energy cutoff. The power law index is -1.03 +/- 0.2 and the cutoff energy, parameterized as Epeak, is 132 +/- 45 keV. The event fluence (10-1000 keV) in this time interval is about 6.0E-06 erg/cm^2.​

The GRID light curve of this event can be found at The GRID spectrum of this event can be found at

GRID is a student-led project to monitor the transient gamma-ray sky with multiple detectors onboard different nanosatellites in the era of multi-messenger astronomy. For more information about GRID, please refer to the following references: and​​
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