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GCN Circular 35579

AMON Coincidence Alert from the sub-threshold IceCube-HAWC search NuEm-240118A: correction on the localization
2024-01-19T16:54:37Z (6 months ago)
Hugo Ayala at Pennsylvania State University <>
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Hugo Alberto Ayala Solares <>
11:42 a.m. (hace 4 minutos)

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The AMON,  IceCube, and HAWC collaborations report:

The alert NuEM 240118A announced in GCN #35566 had 
an error in the localization of the coincidence for the RA coordinate.

The corrected values are:

The location of the coincidence is reported as
RA (J2000): 251.73 deg
Dec (J2000): 53.78 deg
Location uncertainty (50% containment): 0.30 deg (statistical only).
Location uncertainty (90% containment): 0.55 deg (statistical only).

We take advantage of this correction to mention that a 4FGL catalog source, 
J1649.4+5235 is 1deg away from the coincidence.

AMON seeks to perform a real-time correlation analysis of the
high-energy signals across all known astronomical messengers. More
information about AMON can be found in
Information on the IceCube collaboration:
Information on the HAWC collaboration:
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