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GCN Circular 355

BeppoSAX: GRB990625
1999-06-25T13:31:18Z (25 years ago)
Luigi Piro at IAS/CNR Frascati <>
Luigi Piro, BeppoSAX Mission Scientist, and the BeppoSAX team report:

On June 25, 00:24:33 U.T. a GRB (GRB990625) was simultaneously detected
by the GRBM and WFC aboard BeppoSAX (also BATSE trigger 7619).

Unfortunately the attitude configuration at the time of the GRB
does not allow to reconstruct the GRB position to better than
about 1 degree radius.
The estimated position is (Equinox 2000):
Due to the large error box, BeppoSAX is not going to observe this
location with the NFI.
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